Working with brands: Collaboration with SkeletonHD

Are you an influencer who sometimes isn’t sure what to look out for when working with brands?

Well, here are some of the things I consider:

  1. Is the brand being professional when working with you?

  2. How is the brand’s social media presence?

  3. Would I actually wear or use the brand’s product or service?

Skeleton HD

For this post, I collaborated with SkeletonHD to show you how their accessories fit my style. This is a great example of a partnership that I was comfortable sharing with my audience.

  • SkeletonHD was extremely professional in all communications. We had conversations on Instagram DM and over email, which is the best way to communicate for me.

  • SkeletonHD is big on Instagram. A brand’s strength on social media is a big win for me. That shows me that it has popularity and authenticity if it can build a large following through excellent content and great products / services.

  • I would actually wear SkeletonHD products! What I love about this brand is that it is rugged, not loud, and fits with my outfits. Also, when I received the product in the mail, it had great packaging and was perfect for a gift!

Skeleton HD

I hope you actually check out SkeletonHD! In this post, I'm wearing the Phantom Stack bracelets and the Astro 2.0 Black. I feel like I can wear them with a dapper look AND casual style. Check them out on Instagram (@skeletonhd) and Facebook (!

Skeleton HD