Collaboration with Nordstrom

I recently collaborated with Nordstrom and Seattle Gents to bring you different outfits to shop for several occasions, such as a dinner date, interview, happy hour, or date night. The cool thing about this project is that we are featured on the Nordstrom website! You can see all of our outfits here.

I put together a few outfits that represent my style in every way. I believe in elevating style to a level that resonates with you and only you. For those who find inspiration in my look, here are some of the outfits I assembled:

It’s been an honor working with Nordstrom and being featured on their site. A lot of us as menswear enthusiasts look up to Nordstrom, so to be a part of this project is very special to me. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs as an entrepreneur (as does every entrepreneur), so it’s nice to see the hard work pay off. Shop my looks on the Nordstrom website and stay tuned for plenty more authentic content!

Seattle Gents x Nordstrom