BYLT Collaboration: Two Ways to Wear Long Sleeves

As a social media influencer, I’m approached by many brands who want to work with me. It’s come to a point where I am now picky with which brands I collaborate with and which products I want to represent. What’s top-of-mind for me is to make sure that the brand and the product styles are in line with what I stand for and how I would actually dress. Well, I recently discovered BYLT Basics and I can honestly say that I now love long sleeve shirts!

For some reason, I never really considered wearing long sleeve shirts because I’d prioritize wearing a nice cardigan or sweater and then a coat on top of that. However, lately I’ve been dressing down a little more and after discovering BYLT’s Henley Drop-Cut Long Sleeve, I wear this thing everywhere I go.

Here are two ways you can style yourself with long sleeves if you want to be creative with your outfit:

1) Denim jacket or other type of button-up sweater

You can remain casual by wearing a denim jacket or buttoned-up cardigan over a long-sleeved shirt. To me, it represents an elevated version of “casual.” Sometimes I’m in the mood to wear something in between suit and hoodie, so why not go with a semi-nice, semi-casual jacket?

Suit jacket over long sleeve

2) Suit jacket

If you’re feeling a bit upscale, throwing on a blazer over a long sleeve is a good way to be trendy but not necessarily business formal. I like wearing this kind of outfit when I go out to a lounge and grab drinks with friends. It lightens the mood up a bit because you’re not fully suited but you’re also not really dressed down.

BYLT has been generous enough to offer 20% off any purchase for those of you who are interested in grabbing some products from their site, using the code “SUITEDSOOR20”. I really do advocate this brand because the shirts I have by them are super comfortable and high-quality fabric. Check out their full men’s collection here! You can see more content from my photoshoot below (photography by Danny Nieves).