Bosca Collaboration: How to Travel Light

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do at least a few times a year. Given that I am a fashion-forward individual, it can sometimes be a challenge to pack small enough for a 3 to 4 day trip without having to check in my bag. Well, I partnered with Bosca to share some of my tips on how to travel light. Check them out below!

Photography by  Karya Schanilec

Photography by Karya Schanilec

1) Bring one pair of dress shoes and one pair of sneakers

When I travel, I am usually blending both work and play during my trips. To pack light, I'll bring one pair of dress shoes and one pair of sneakers. I'll mix and match my dress shoes and sneakers with my different business and casual outfits, so that I don't have to bring too many shoes for all my different outfits. Don't worry about breaking the norm! Business meetings these days tend to be more casual attire and sometimes I find wearing a suit comes off too formal. So that's when I'll wear sneakers with my suit (a hot trend in 2018!).

Location: Pioneer Square in Seattle

Location: Pioneer Square in Seattle

2) Fold your suit jacket inside out to save room

Packing a blazer in a duffle bag or weekender is hard because it always wrinkles and takes up so much space! So what I usually do is fold it inside out because it's easier to get it small as possible without it getting wrinkled. Fast forward to 0:20 of this video to get step-by-step instructions of how to fold a suit jacket by GQ.


3) Don't bring too many toiletries

If it's a quick trip and you don't want to check in your bag, bring small amounts of liquid toiletries only (lotions, cologne, toothpaste, contact solution, etc.). No need to get all fancy and bring the best of the best. In my opinion, when you're taking a weekend trip or even a couple-day business trip, you can get by with bringing the smaller versions of those premium products. I sometimes snatch the lotions and soaps from hotels :) 


Hope I was able to provide good tips for travel! The Tuscan Duffle is the perfect size to pack enough things for a 3 to 4 day trip. It's also reasonably priced and will last you a while, even if you travel only 3 times or less per year.

Seattle Gents and Young Professionals of Seattle are proud to announce that we are partnering with Bosca as a brand sponsor for the 4th annual Dapper as **** Event on September 8th. The Bosca team will be in attendance to show you their products in person, so grab your tickets here if you're in the Seattle area!

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