My Love for Wine

Different from my usual style posts, I’m going to talk about the role that wine plays in my life today. This will relate to anyone who appreciates a great meal, community, and friendship.


My love for wine all of a sudden came up when I was 22 (senior in college). Growing up in California, I was always surrounded by great wine. So I started to explore it once my taste palette acquired the taste.

Fast forward to now, in my late 20’s (I wonder if you’ve guessed my age by now), I’m loving and constantly exploring Washington & Oregon wines. I wouldn’t say I am an expert on wine, but I can tell a good wine from a bad wine. Being a style enthusiast, wine & fashion also go hand in hand.

This past summer, I got together with a couple local influencers and enjoyed some delicious wine at the Patterson Cellars Tasting Room in Woodinville, WA.

Community is one thing I love about wine. You can bring together friends or even strangers in any setting and enjoy a nice glass of wine. As a style influencer, I’m always attending networking events and dinners with influencers. One common beverage I’ll see throughout is wine!


What I also love about wine is how you can pair it with a meal. Whether you appreciate cooking creative food at home or enjoying fine dining in the city, there’s a wide selection of great wine to choose from. When my mom cooks Indian food at home, we love having it with wine! I am also obsessed with Italian restaurants. You know you gotta get a bottle of wine every time you go.

Lastly, fashion & wine go hand in hand. If I go to a networking event or a dinner with friends, I will dress up. There is a level of sophistication associated with wine that goes well with suits.

Suited Soor

Who else out there loves wine like I do!