Where to Eat in San Francisco

I’m a California native but I live in Washington state. I have much love for the Pacific Northwest, but I do tend to go back to my home state quite a bit to visit my friends. San Francisco is one city that I grew to like a lot more over the years and that I visit at least a few times a year. So I decided to share 3 of my most recent favorite restaurants that I’d recommend for someone to check out if they’re in the city.


1) Lolo

I grew up eating amazing Mexican food in California. When I moved to Seattle, I’ll be honest that I have had a hard time finding a good Mexican restaurant that is nearly as good as the ones in CA. Sorry to sound snobby, but it’s true!

If you are visiting the Bay Area and are looking for good Mexican food, you should definitely check out Lolo. It’s a family-owned, Jaliscan-inspired restaurant that offers non-traditional and unique Mexican food. Look at the Yelp reviews here!


Okay, so I am Indian and am spoiled by my Mom’s cooking, so clearly I am picky when I eat out. BUT, San Francisco has some of the best Indian restaurants out there because of its large Indian population!

I have to recommend ROOH. The food is very creative and out of the box for Indian food. ROOH offers dishes that aren’t as traditional as an Indian buffet (which is usually where my friends go), so I wanted to give a shoutout to this upscale, sit-down restaurant that I’ve been to a couple times now and that I absolutely love. Look at the Yelp reviews here!

3) Perbacco

I love Italian-American food! It’s one of my favorite cuisines. I’ve never been to Italy and I’ve always wanted to go, but I feel that America does a pretty good job at cuisine that is at least inspired from Italy.

There honestly is so much to choose from, but I stumbled across Perbacco. This restaurant has an intimate setting perfect for a date with your significant other. The pasta here is delicious and there’s a wide selection of great local wines from Northern California (especially with Napa and LIvermore being so close!). Look at the Yelp reviews here!

San Francisco Eateries

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Special shoutout to my guy JT Grewal for the excellent photography!