Traveling with Your Bae on Valentine's Style

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or you see your significant other every day, here is some inspiration for traveling with your bae for Valentine’s Day:


  • Crazy Socks: As 2017 fashion trends continue to progress, crazy socks are always a must. Men, be brave with your sock choice on a dinner date in another city! Not sure where to start? Check out Flye Socks, an upcoming bamboo sock brand that fits snug with unique color designs.

  • Duffle Bag: Pack efficient and light with a stylish duffle bag instead of the traditional suitcase. Recommendation: Filson

  • Wallet: Be sure to grab a sleek snap wallet that’ll your valuables in handy. If you’re traveling internationally, check out Chase’s new Sapphire Reserve credit card that allows you to earn 3x the points for hotel, airfare, and dining and charges no foreign transaction fees!


Travel is nothing without exploring food with your significant other. I found that word of mouth is a very useful way to discover amazing food. Sure, Yelp and Google are easy to resort to but if you don’t know anyone who’s personally been to the cities you’re visiting, walk around town and ask locals! Authentic fare is an essential aspect of discovering a city.


Most travelers factor in weather when traveling. Tropical locations with sandy beaches and hot weather always tend to be popular. However, don’t immediately rule out the grayer destinations! There is so much to explore - museums, food, shows, bars, clubs, outdoor activities, etc.