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What to Wear in Winter featuring Everlane

It’s officially winter and in some parts of the country, it’s been real cold for a while now! But in other parts of the country, it’s starting to become actual winter. I live in the Seattle area, which is obviously known for its rainy weather. However, this past week, the region got dumped with a bunch of snow! So I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about winter fashion. I love layering up in the winter (boots, scarves, coats, etc.). I partnered with Everlane to bring you an outfit that will keep you warm this season.

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Chukka Boot Guide featuring Beckett Simonon

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019 as I begin this year with a blog post about yet another one of my favorite topics - SHOES! Have you ever worn a pair of Chukka boots? They’re one of the few popular styles that have become iconic with trend today. Well, for those of you who either love Chukkas or are not familiar, I partnered with Beckett Simonon once again to give you a quick guide to this awesome form of boot.

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Seattle Gents Two-Year Anniversary Recap

It’s been an interesting up-and-down journey of building a community, meeting many great people, and navigating through business decisions. When I talk to people about the network I’ve grown (re: Seattle Gents), I always tie back to the very reason why we started it: put Seattle on the map for fashion. Here’s my recap of our Two-Year Anniversary Event in early November 2018.

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