Suit Sneaker

I first saw sneakers being worn with suits back in 2014. It slowly creeped up in trend the following year and then by the time it was 2016, it was sort of a thing. Now in 2017, I've seen it pop up all over social media. To be honest, I thought it was hideous when I first saw men in suits and sneakers. But, the more I saw menswear evolve, I grew to like the new style.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Trask, a classic American shoemaker that has recently been crafting their original style to compete with the modern men's shoe market.

Along with Trask, I partnered again with Nifty Genius to produce a suit style that I thought would go perfectly with sneakers.

So at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I've seen the suit sneaker style all over social media. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I honestly haven't seen many men wear it on a day to day basis. It's a lot less professional in the corporate environment, but Seattle is so laid back that you can get away with casual at work!

I work for a consulting firm and my current client is a technology company that has the stereotypical engineering work attire. But working at a services firm in a client-facing role, business casual is required. I took the bold step of wearing a suit with sneakers in the office and I even went to a client meeting that way. Showered with compliments, I'm hoping that my coworkers are inspired by my courage and lack of laziness.

This is what us fashionistas have to deal with! People not caring enough about stepping up their fashion sense. I understand that everyone has different interests, but if I'm able to influence others at least a little bit by allowing them to think about how they dress a little different, then that's a step toward the right direction. Scroll down for more imagery!

Photography by Andrew Parsons