Stoneridge Mall

I'm originally from southern California, but over the past several years I have been spending lots of time in NorCal. I've discovered that there is so much more outside of San Francisco!

I had the opportunity to spend my last weekend of 2017 in the Tri-Valley area in the East Bay. I collaborated with Stoneridge Shopping Center in Pleasanton, CA to highlight some of my favorite men's fashion and grooming picks.


I started off at Nordstrom, one of my favorite retailers when it comes to current trends in men's fashion. The department store's shoe selection is always on point and up to date.

I also tried on a quick suit and sneaker outfit to keep up with today's modern and progressive style.


My next stop was Uniqlo! Another favorite for the young generation, the fast fashion retailer knows how to do quality at a reasonable price.

My final retail stop was the men's grooming shop The Art of Shaving. I've developed a close relationship with The Art of Shaving in Seattle, so I was excited to step in to another location and check out their new products!

Specifically, I use TAOS's beard wash and Oud Suede cologne...definitely both highly recommended!

I ended the night with an incredible dining experience at The Cheesecake Factory! The last time I had dinner here must have been ages ago. The quality of food and customer service has really stepped up from what I remember.

I had a great time exploring Stoneridge Mall and spending some time in the Pleasanton area. Absolutely beautiful part of the bay and would highly recommend spending a weekend for some nice food and gorgeous wine tasting in Livermore. I'll definitely be back soon!