Perspective on a different style

I recently collaborated with two well-known brands based out of the Pacific Northwest:

  • Filson: Seattle-based apparel brand that offers top quality outdoor clothing and bags

  • Dr. Martens: British footwear brand with an American presence operated in Portland, OR

I thought I'd offer a unique perspective by clashing different styles. Dr. Martens recently released a line of boots called "DM's Lite" that are lightweight and fit the look of a more contemporary style as compared to their classic industrial boots. Check out the Newton in Cherry Red below.

Filson offers apparel that certainly targets a specific audience. If you take a look at the company's Instagram account, most of the imagery portrays a persona of outdoor activities and rugged, luxury apparel that goes along with this lifestyle. I absolutely love the story that Filson tells, however I challenge the brand to explore a different look by styling one of its vests in a unique way (see below) to appeal to a different audience. Please let me know your thoughts and whether you think this style is a good fit or an absolutely horrible one! Email me at!

Photography by Simon Mendiola (@gmendiola)