"Out of the Norm" Fashion Styles to Wear at Work

Having trouble with what to wear at work apart from the typical “business casual?” I’ve lately been seeing a lot of men at the office wearing more than just plain socks. Sometimes I’ll see guys wear wacky designs or even crazy-colored socks and I absolutely LOVE it.

Not sure where to start with fashion socks? Troy Manson Signature Socks is a newly-established brand that helps individuals make a bold and lasting first impression with their socks. Below are 3 fashion styles that are “out-of-the-ordinary” at work, featuring TM Socks.


Look #1: 3-Piece Suit

Nowadays, the 3-piece suit is not the norm at the office. In fact, the most common place to see men wear a full suit with vest is at a wedding. However, the 3-piece suit style still very much exists in real estate and law. Corporate jobs like accounting and finance require simple “business casual” (dress shirt and slacks) at work while engineering and marketing now promote “casual” attire (button-up shirt and jeans with tennis shoes).

If you’re tired of looking like everyone else, consider going beyond a plain navy blue suit by wearing a more trendy pattern like plaid. An exciting outfit will impress clients at meetings, especially for consultants who are typically out on the field most of the time.

Look #2: Suspenders and Tie

Here’s yet again another classic look that is definitely rare to see at work, especially in an age of startup culture. Most men will consider this look for a special date or party, but it never hurts to stand out at the office.

Look #3: Cardigan

Look #3 is the most common form of business casual that is at least a bit more exciting than a simple “dress shirt and slacks” combo. Cardigan with no tie is a great look for happy hours with coworkers, internal office presentations, and coffee chats with peers in your professional network.