It's been a busy past couple months and that's why I haven't posted a blog for a while. Well, I'm back! I recently partnered with Nifty Genius, a fashion brand based in Los Angeles, CA that ranges from professional, sportswear, street contemporary, and casual style clothing for men. 

If you're not familiar with my style, I like things that pop. I love being creative with colors and patterns and that's what I show here.

Here's inspiration for an outfit with bold colors but also subtle style all around. Sure, the pants appear "exotic" but the blazer is safe. Instead of coming across as outrageous, this outfits displays a good mix of patterns and elegance. 3 piece suits aren't always meant to be all from the same set. Here, I played with different patterns. My vest is pinstripe and my pants are a variation of plaid. Without making them clash, I threw on a plain grey blazer but had to top the outfit off with a colorful tie and pocket square. If you're on your way to work, my otter green briefcase by Filson will do the trick as an extra accessory. Hope you enjoy!

Photography by Karya Schanilec