Men's Undershirt Guide

I recently collaborated with NVSBL, a startup undershirt brand that focuses on garments that are fitted, comfortable, functional and completely invisible. Here's a quick guide on the essentials for your undershirts.

1) Material

One huge aspect of a great-quality undershirt is the material. Consider expanding beyond the traditional cotton undershirt and look for those that have spandex and modal. It's definitely a good idea to wear an undershirt under your dress shirt so that it soaks up that sweat, but oftentimes the undershirt gets stained. A garment that is made of quality material will last longer and feel more comfortable.

2) Visibility

I notice at work that a lot of guys don't even wear undershirts. I'll see their chest hair pop out between the wholes of their buttons when I face them at a certain angle. NVSBL provides a versatile set of product that matches any skin tone. The undershirt doesn't even look like it's there!

Undershirts are absolutely necessary to wear to work under your dress shirts. They provide comfort and sweat-resistance so that your valuable dress shirts are kept protected!