The Importance of Friendship within the Influencer Community

Being an influencer isn’t as easy as it looks. Social media has become a worldwide phenomenon and a powerful business tool. You have to constantly worry about staying connected, creating quality content, scheduling photoshoots, and engaging with your community online. Well, in this post I wanted to talk about why it’s important to break past surface-level relationships among the influencer community.

I’m also announcing a special giveaway contest in partnership with Beckett Simonon, a footwear brand that I’ve collaborated in the past and am collaborating with once more!

From left to right: Influencers Avi Soor,  Alex Hooi ,  Hector Diaz , &  Rashad Little

From left to right: Influencers Avi Soor, Alex Hooi, Hector Diaz, & Rashad Little

When I moved to Seattle in summer of 2016, I didn’t know anyone. The network I built really only knew me as a blogger and influencer. It’s easy to meet lots of people and develop surface-level relationships with them, so that’s why I quickly learned that it’s important to build deeper friendships with certain individuals within your community.


For this shoot, I partnered with Seattle Gents and Beckett Simonon, maker of handcrafted leather shoes. 4 of us met up to do a group shoot of our outfits with the shoes that we selected. Spending quality time with some great guys made my day because we were able to connect, catch up, and get some awesome content.

Beckett Simonon is giving away 2 pairs of shoes to one lucky winner who enters his or her email address in the button below! The winner will be announced on 3/31/19 via email. Best of luck to those of you who enter!

Check out more pictures from our recent shoot below.