How to Dress on a Budget

I've had plenty of conversations with men who would love to dress up nicely but are concerned with budget. Well, I am sharing 3 tips to look sharp without spending too much! And also, what I tend to do a lot is recycle my clothes by mixing and matching with different articles of clothing.

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1) Thrift shop!

What many people don't know is that you can oftentimes find some very good selections at a thrift shop. Goodwill is my go-to. You can find really cheap blazers, shoes, etc. that are in good condition and great quality. And if you find some clothes that don't necessarily fit perfectly, get them tailored! The cost of purchasing the item and getting it tailored can still be less than if you bought a brand new piece at the store.

Location: Downtown Bothell, WA

Location: Downtown Bothell, WA


2) Go with linen blazers that you can sometimes wear most of the year.

Linen blazers can be very stylish and are usually cheaper than cotton or wool fabrics. Linen suits are typically worn in the summer, but if you live somewhere like California, Texas, or Florida, you can find times to wear it when it's still hot in the fall and spring.

What I'll do a lot of times is wear the same linen blazer with different pants, accessories, and shoes to make the outfits look unique enough from each other. Notice on my social media that a lot of my clothes are recycled, but just with different combinations! This allows me to avoid buying so many different blazers and save some money.

Mix the blazer up with different pants and different shoes

Mix the blazer up with different pants and different shoes

Disclaimer : Yes, I know that my back is super wrinkled! But hey, that's what you get with linen.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know that my back is super wrinkled! But hey, that's what you get with linen.

3) Shop sales!

If you've been looking for a certain article of clothing, sometimes it's worth waiting for the perfect sale to get that! For example, I've been wanting another vest (waistcoat) to mix up with my different suits and I finally found a great deal on Suit Supply. The one I have is very similar to this one: Green Waistcoat. I got it pretty much half off, which is a great deal!

The stylish, good-quality waistcoats that you'd want to wear as a part of a 3-piece suit are usually over $100. But if you can find one for under $100 (no less than $50), then that's a steal. You can always find cheap articles of clothing at big retailers, but I oftentimes question the quality and ethics of the brand. I'm interested in buying apparel that will last me a while and still be fashionable during different seasons.

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