Everyday Work Attire

November 4, 2016

Take a look at an idea of what to wear to work in this chilly, fall weather. On my way to the office, I'll throw on the topcoat over my business casual clothes and carry my backpack with me.

I collaborated with Koshie O, a brand that brings new life to your everyday wear by combining African aesthetics with chic and contemporary designs. I love the design of the brand's shirt and the quality of its fabric. It embodies a classy and formal look and could also be worn in the casual setting.

I just got this sweet bag by Timbuk2 and I'm loving it so far! I'm able it incorporate it with what I wear on my commute to work. It's big enough to carry my laptop and other valuables as well as my clothes for the gym after work. 

Topcoat - Calibrate by Nordstrom

Shirt - Koshie O

Backpack - Timbuk2

Socks - Funky Foot Socks