Dress Shoe Guide featuring Beckett Simonon

I am such a huge fan of dress shoes! Footwear was one of the reasons that really got me into the sartorial style. My love for dress shoes and sneakers have transformed over the years, but I will always have a sweet spot for classic oxfords and derbies.

In this blog post, I am going to give a guide to dress shoes from my experiences. I partnered with Beckett Simonon to give you an aesthetic to look up to when styling yourself with dress shoes.


1) Shoe trees

A pair of shoe trees is a necessity for maintaining your shoes to last many years. They keep the form and shape of the shoe healthy. Also, if you use cedar wood shoe trees, they will soak up the sweat and moistness that builds up during the day.

2) Shoe shining

I think almost every guy knows that he must shine his shoes for maintenance. This is another tactic that will allow you to keep good quality shoes for years. I understand that not everyone is a shoe connoisseur like me, but I encourage men to buy at least one pair of good-quality dress shoes at a higher price point because if you maintain it correctly, it can last you a lifetime.

3) Replace your soles

If you do end up buying an expensive pair of dress shoes with the intention of keeping them for a while, then replacing your soles every few years will help them last. You can replace your soles at a reasonable price that can oftentimes be better than buying cheap shoes every couple years.


Have you ever heard of wholecut shoes?

You’re probably used to shoes that are typically constructed with different pieces of leather. Well there’s another style called wholecuts that are made from a single piece of flawless leather with or without a backseam. I partnered with Beckett Simonon to show you how I styled my outfit with wholecuts. Check out the images below!

If you like these shoes, you can get a discount of 20% off if you use my code SOOR20 on the Beckett Simonon website! Made from a single piece of Argentinian full grain leather, the Wholecut Oxfords are in a class of their own. Perfect for a suit or special occasion out, the are beautiful crafted with skill and precision. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a new pair of quality dress shoes! Very reasonably priced and super comfortable.

Photography by Karya Schanilec