Accessories Guide

To me, being creative with accessories as a part of your outfit will help you stand out. Here’s my quick guide for what kind of accessories to keep top of mind.


I always wear a watch with my outfit, whether I’m dressing up professionally or casually. Sometimes (but not always), I’ll try to match my watch with the color of my shoes. That’s not a hard rule though. I just pick what I think looks good with the outfit I’m wearing. In my opinion, a watch adds a sense of elegance to a man. Depending on what kind you wear, you can go with a style that makes you appear powerful or a style that is trendy.

Watch by  Hodina

Watch by Hodina


Sneakers lighten up the formality of your outfit. I’m a huge fan of wearing sneakers with business casual or business professional clothing. In the West Coast, there is no real “business suit” in the workplace anymore. Everyone wears jeans and hoodie at work these days! If you’re a classic Gent and you don’t want to come off a certain way, consider wearing sneakers with your suit.

Sneakers by Adidas

Sneakers by Adidas

Pocket Square

I have to wear a pocket square with my sport coat or suit jacket! The pocket feels empty otherwise. I know plenty of guys who prefer to keep it empty. I have no problem with that because it does resemble classic style, but I also know guys who are lazy. This essential accessory will make your outfit look more complete!

Pocket Square by  Pocket Square Clothing

Pocket Square by Pocket Square Clothing

Hope you enjoyed this quick accessories guide! Stay tuned on my Instagram feed for more style tips.