3 Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

I always thought it was super boring wearing dress shirts with slacks at work or functions. It can be hard to be creative with your outfits, so I’m sharing 3 ways you can wear a dress shirt featuring Mizzen+Main. Check out the full blog post below or listen to the quick audio clip I recorded!

Look #1

Look #1 is the most generic and basic way you can wear a dress shirt, but there are subtle techniques that will make the outfit look a little more interesting.

For example, get your shirt tailored! A lot of guys wear shirts that were bought off the rack. That is totally fine, but if it doesn’t fit you very well you should definitely get it tailored. The shirt I’m wearing here is from Mizzen+Main that is a classic style in a moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free fabric. I got some slight adjustments to the shirt to make it fit even better!


Look #2

Look #2 is a bit of a step-up from #1, but it blends some casual style into the outfit. I wore jeans, waistcoat, and tie to make it look spiffy but not fully professional. Nowadays with the changing dress code in offices, you can mix up your professional clothes quite a lot!

I love rolling up my sleeves. It makes the outfit look more trendy than if you let the sleeves down. For me, there’s some level of elegance and manliness with rolling up the sleeves.


Look #3

Now Look #3 is my favorite because I love suiting up! I usually wear a suit with no tie because you can pull it off with looking modern and not so formal. I think there’s also power associated with leaving a couple buttons open. It brings out your confidence and also makes you appear attractive to a woman (or man) who loves a nicely-dressed Gent.


Hope you enjoyed these looks as outfit inspiration if you’re looking to get creative with dress shirts! Check out Mizzen+Main because they offer premium dress shirts at a reasonable price that will last you quite a while. If you’re a man who travels and sweats a lot, then these shirts are perfect for you!

Photography by Danny Nieves